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Sleep City Carries Double-Sided Mattresses!
Maintenance of a Two-Sided Mattress

Taking care of a two-sided mattress doesn't have to be a problem. Mark your calendar at three-month intervals and flip your mattress to preserve its life. Rotate the mattress, placing the foot of it where the head was previously. Then flip the mattress over 180 degrees so the right side is on the left and the left side is on the right.

Enlist a helper if you have trouble manipulating the mattress alone.

Use a mattress pad to keep your sheets from sliding off and to protect the surface of the mattress.

Rather than driving from store to store in search of a two-sided mattress, call us  today:
  • Sleep City: 904-276-3333
We have been helping people with their mattress selection for over 30 years!! So avoid wasting time and gas visiting stores that do not carry double-sided mattresses! Come see us! We look forward in helping you choose your mattress or any other purchases that you might have.

About Double Sided Mattresses

The double-sided mattress is identical on both sides and either side can be used as a sleeping surface. In addition to being called the Double-Sided mattress, this type of mattress has a number of names, including a Flipable (Flip able) mattress, Rotating mattress, or the Two-Sided mattress.

Many people prefer the versatility of a double-sided mattress. If one side is marred by a spill, burn or other damage, the mattress can be flipped to reveal the side that is unharmed.

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